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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poor Lighting had a role? -4 death including 3 doctor, tg aru sabah

Poor Lighting had a role?

Kota Kinabalu: The main contractor involved in work on the flyover at Tanjung Aru will install sufficient lighting with immediate effect following claims that the pitch darkness there may have contributed to Saturday's 12.30am collision which claimed four lives.
Currently, a large section of the coastal road approaching the site from the city is shrouded in darkness at night for about 100 metres as some of the existing streetlights were removed by the contractor to facilitate work on the flyover.
A spokesman for Global Upline Construction, the company entrusted by the government to carry out the work, said: "We will also install spot lights in the vicinity of this site very soon".
Other than that measure, he said several signboards bearing luminescent arrow indicators would be delineated accordingly to serve as pointers for motorists.
"There's one functional streetlight situated near the spot where the tragedy happened but it is very dim. We will have it repaired soon," he said.
Four people, including three government doctors, were killed while 18 passengers suffered injuries when a BMW Convertible crashed into the back of a bus that day.
Daily Express received many calls from the public who noted that the area concerned was not well lit at night ever since the project commenced about a year ago.
"Something must be done fast before more lives are lost at that spot," said one of the callers.
The Public Works Department could not be reached for comment.
Several callers said the tragedy could have been averted, even if the doctors' vehicle had been speeding, if only there were sufficient lights.

..source dailyexpress

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